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Famous since ancient times, the Sinuessane Waters (they flow only in the locality of the Vagnole Municipality of Mondragone) can rival, both for the quality and proportions of the gases and for the solid components, with those of Baden and Aachen.

The sulphidometric degree (151) and their thermality (52 °) classify these waters among the best in Italy.

  • Telese: hydrogen sulphide degree 17.4, temperature 20 °

  • Acque Albule (Tivoli): temperature 22 °

  • Contursi degree of hydrogen sulphide 30.6 temperature 34 °.

The Sinuessane waters were therefore known and used at the time of the ancient "SINUESSA", a famous city and a place of delight, as it is read in Tacitus and Pliny. They kept this name until the memory of the ancient city was lost over time, which was first devastated by men and then submerged by the fury of the waves.

That this is true is proved by the existence, even today, of ruins partly submerged, partly completely buried. Even the Roman emperors, as can be seen from the words of Tacitus ("in so much mole curarum Claudius valitudine adversa corriptur; refondisque viribus mollitiae coeli; et salubritate acquarum Sinuessam pergit") benefited from these waters. Celebrated also by Pliny who asserts, without any reservation, that they were a great remedy against the sterility of women and the insomnia of men; (“In eadem Campaniae region Sinuessae acquae sterilitatem foeminarum et virorum insoniam abolere produntur”).

In fact, the waters that were already famous in ancient times are particularly suitable for baths and inhalations. over the centuries, the therapeutic properties of these waters have therefore been widely appreciated, as evidenced by the excavations carried out around the springs, to collect the waters in large tanks where the sick could easily bathe.

Excluding any idea of private speculation or superstition, it seems to us that this ancient, constant and spontaneous pilgrimage of many sick people of all classes, is the best document that certifies the value and value of the Sinuessane waters, suitable for treatment of the respiratory system. , arthritism, skin diseases, etc.

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