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Thanks to the excellent position in the area, excursions to the major centers of interest are possible: (all easily reachable with the Tangenziale / Asse Mediano:


  • Cathedral  XIII  century  (Sessa Aurunca  Km.12)

  • Theater  Roman  (Minturno  Km. 15)

  • Lake D'Averno,  Cave of the Sibyl  (Cuma  Km. 30)

  • Campano Museum  (Capua  Km. 35)

  • Temple of Serapis, Amphitheater, Solfatara (Pozzuoli  Km. 35)

  • National Museum, San Martino Museum, Royal Palace, Maschio Angioino, San Carlo Theater, Capodimonte Palace, Piazza Plebiscito  (Naples  Km. 40)

  • Vanvitelliana Palace  (Caserta Km. 45)

  • Roman Amphitheater (Santa Maria Capua Vetere, km 45)

  • Montecassino Abbey  (km 40)



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